Roof Restoration Services

REPLACE BROKEN ROOF TILES. We source the correct size & profile replacement roof tiles for your roof. Incorrect fitting roof tiles can cause roof leaks and cause damage to your ceiling.

REPLACE GUTTERING,  DOWNPIPES AND VALLEY IRONS. As you are aware, our climate in Victoria with ever changing heavy rain and hot summers. These conditions along with the salty sea breezes can cause your guttering, downpipes & valley irons to rust through causing roof leaks. Our qualified plumbers can efficiently replace your guttering, downpipes & valley irons in Zincalume or Colorbond

HIGH PRESSURE CLEAN ROOF TILES. Having the right equipment, machinery & experience, our tradesmen at Roof Spray will pressure clean your  roof in preparation for the superior bonding of Premier Roof Coatings. All surrounding areas of your property are thoroughly cleaned in our service, along with the outside of all gutters, windows, fascias, paths.

RE-BEDDING OF RIDGE CAPS AS REQUIRED. Any loose mortar is removed from underneath your ridge caps and replaced with new bedding mortar. This ensures the correct alignment and provides a solid surface for our flexi point to adhere to.

RE-POINTING OF RIDGE CAPS USING FLEXIBLE POINTING. All ridge caps are re-pointed using flexible pointing pre mix. We apply flexi point straight from the bucket and trowel it off with a neat, smooth trowel finish to a thickness of 3 to 5 mm. Once cured the ridge caps are water tight and firmly bonded to your roof.

APPLY THREE COATS OF PREMIER ROOF COATING'S MEMBRANE SYSTEM. Premier Roof Coatings Roof Membrane is a high quality elastomeric water based 100% acrylic roof coating designed to be applied to suitably prepared concrete or metal roofs. Consisting of 1 primer/sealer coat & 2 coloured top coats, it is widely used in domestic and commercial roof restorations. Backed with a 10 year guarantee it is by far a superior choice for your roofing project.

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ROOF SPRAY have a long standing accreditation  with Premier Roof Coatings since 2004 and are proud to endorse Premier Roof Coatings as their No.1 trusted roof coating supplier.