Roof Spray Product Discription

ROOF SPRAY have a long standing accreditation with Premier Roof Coatings since 2004 and are proud to endorse Premier Roof Coatings as their No.1 trusted roof coating supplier.

Premier Roof Coatings is a proud family owned business established in 2004. With products that are specifically formulated to resist Australia’s harsh climate by providing superior adhesion, colour fastness and dirt pick up resistance. By utilising the best available raw materials produced by one of the largest acrylic emulsion manufacturers in the world, makes Premier Roof Coatings the No.1 choice in roof restoration coatings.


As a trusted and accredited applicator of Premier Roof Coatings since 2004, ROOF SPRAY receives a full 10 year replacement of product warranty. This warranty guarantees against flaking, peeling or cracking. This also guarantees against excessive fading over this period. This warranty is only valid when products have been applied correctly by a professional roofing contractor, which is why having more than 25 years experience, ROOF SPRAY Australia is undoubtedly your best choice for your roof restoration.

That's why wise customers choose to "Put us on top"



Deo Prime: A clear acrylic sealer with added adhesion protection designed for previously painted substrates where there is residual paint left on the substrate, this will hold down any loose edges.

Maxi Build: A high solids sealer to help seal severely porous and pitted tiles prior to top coating. This product is to be used first when there is no residual colour left on the tile.

Premcoat: A 100% pure acrylic gloss membrane designed to resurface and protect concrete roof tiles and metal roof surfaces.

Premcoat plus: A 100% pure acrylic high gloss coating used as a finishing coat only using latest technology emulsions to resist dirt pick up and pollution yielding superior results for a longer lasting finish.

Premcoat Metal Primer: A Pure acrylic blend formulated with anti-corrosion properties, rust inhibitors and added adhesion properties, this is perfect for use as a sealer on metal roof surfaces where there is surface rust across the substrate, resisting bleed through on top coats.

Clear Coat: A 100% pure acrylic coating specifically formulated for semi-glazed or unglazed terracotta tiles with superior dirt pick up resistance and pollution resistance will give a beautiful natural shine to terracotta tiles.